As one of the largest manufacturers of pipes and profiles and other steel sections with a capacity of 300,000 tons per year, Milad Rolling Yazd Industries builds its basic policy based on the principles of customer orientation and has grounded its policies and practices based on the following principles in order to achieve satisfaction in all fields: Producing products with the best quality possible with respect to the satisfaction and demands of the customers of the company. In this regard, we will respond to the demands of our customers with speed, sensitivity and respect. Committed to providing a calm and pleasant environment for the company’s staff and partners (the most valuable resources) and encouraging teamwork and hierarchical respect due to the characteristics of leadership and creativity and innovation, however, we are confronted with the challenges of the steel market, and we will have the experience in dealing with these challenges to guide the pipe and steel sections. We are committed to the growth and development of the company in order to access new markets in the pipe industry and steel sections, along with increasing market share

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  • Customer Orientation

    – Customer interaction regarding payment terms and delivery method
    – Customized production based on customer request
    – Fast and cheap transfer of products to all geographical locations
    – Proper and regular packaging to facilitate handling

  • Continuous development

    – Development of cold and hot rolling products using the most up-to-date production lines
    – Use cold saws to cut precisely the products without any foul
    – Install spiral capacitors, tape scissors and all-digital high precision knives
    – Mounting of contact lining for industrial meshes 20 to 100 mm in diameter

  • Product Quality

    – Use the most quality raw materials on all production lines
    – Precise product quality control by the quality control department at all stages of production
    – Use automation management system for production and maintenance to control product quality

Introducing Milad Rolling Yazd Industries

Milad Rolling Yazd Industries (special joint stock company) has been established in 1994 with the aim of producing all kinds of steel pipes and steel profiles, steel cans, flanges, corners, studs and industrial fittings. The company is registered under the number 2766 at the registration office of Yazd. The main center of the company is located in Yazd. The management of the company has started to plan its investment in the direction of the market development strategy and increase the variety of products and penetration into the export markets with a view to improving the quality and quantity of products. The implementation of market development policies has enabled the company to experience successful growth and sustainable growth in various domains such as energy and construction. Currently, the products of the company have extensive applications in various sectors, including the construction industry. All activities of the company are based on customer orientation and logic based on Iran’s standard requirements and quality management system (ISO).


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